Feldman, Kramer & Monaco is proud to be the Provider Law Firm for all LegalShield members in the State of New York. Through their LegalShield membership, members have access to high quality lawyers offering assistance with all of their legal needs. LegalShield affords it’s members peace of mind knowing that they are able to contact their Provider Law Firm for all legal matters ranging from everyday concerns to catastrophic events.

LegalShield develops and markets comprehensive legal service plans all across the United States and Canada. Examples of their program offerings include the Family Plan, Small Business Plan, Group Plan, and other specialty programs. All programs provide various legal service benefits including attorney consultation, letter writing, document review, moving traffic violation defense, Will preparation and general trial defense. For more information on LegalShield plans and or how to become a member, visit the LegalShield website at www.legalshield.com

As the New York Provider Law Firm, Feldman, Kramer & Monaco encourages LegalShield members to fully acquaint themselves with the benefits of their legal plan and to become comfortable utilizing the services of our attorneys and staff. Early consultation can mean the difference in sidestepping a legal issue before it becomes a serious problem.

By selecting the link below, members may obtain more information on how the LegalShield Plan works in practice and what they can expect when contacting our office. We at Feldman, Kramer & Monaco welcome the opportunity to help our New York LegalShield members navigate the often rough waters of our legal system.

Learn How to Use the Membership

Feldman, Kramer & Monaco encourages all LegalShield members to utilize their membership benefits when they are faced with a legal issue. We have found the utilization of their benefits results not only in the resolution of many matters, but also the realization of the value of being a LegalShield member. We believe once you have used your membership you will remain a member for life.

To better serve your legal needs we offer the following suggestions on the use of the LegalShield Program:

  1. Read your contract completely and understand the benefits it provides. If you don’t understand the contract, then contact LegalShield Member Services Department at (800) 654-7757.
  2. If you are faced with a legal matter, call as soon as possible. We have found the sooner you seek legal assistance the greater likelihood of us being able to help resolve your problem. If you have a pending date or deadline, we need as much time as possible in order to assist you. If you wait too long, we may not be able to provide you with help.
  3. The member who has the legal matter must be the person who calls our firm. We cannot speak to any third party, including the sales associate, on behalf of a member. We must speak with the member to protect the legal principle of “attorney-client privilege”, which operates to strictly protect the privacy of clients. This exists only when the consultation is between the member and the attorney. Should a third party intercede in that consultation, the privilege will no longer exist. In addition, in providing an accurate and complete consultation it is essential to obtain all the facts and information concerning that legal issue. It is imperative that the attorney have the ability to ask questions and obtain information that the member may not know is important. We also want to be assured that the member obtain our advice and recommendations directly so that there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding. This allows the member to hear it directly from the attorney and be able to act accordingly.
  4. When calling your provider firm, please use the specially reserved LegalShield phone line for faster service. (800) 506-2444.
    This telephone number is staffed by our experienced customer service representatives who will guide you through the initial process.
    When you call, one of our customer service representatives will ask for your name and membership number. This will allow us to access your membership file and create a file for your legal matter. The customer service representative will ask for a brief description of your legal matter so that the appropriate attorney will be assigned the matter. The customer service representative will also ask the name of the adverse party so we can check to make sure that there is no conflict of interest in our firm providing you with legal service. All of this information is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is essential to enable us to assist you.
    Our customer service representatives will ensure that you get a call back from an attorney with expertise in the particular legal area that you called about.
  5. Once you are contacted by our attorneys, you will have a confidential discussion regarding your matter and, together with that attorney, decisions can be made regarding what actions you should take.
  6. It may be necessary or helpful for our attorneys to review a document for you. If that is the case, the attorney will guide you on the best way to get that document to them. Additionally, in certain circumstances it may be helpful, when appropriate, to write a legal letter on your behalf. This will require an authorization to be signed by you allowing us to act on your behalf. Again, the attorney will guide you through this process.
  7. One of the benefits provided under Benefit 1 of your Legal Plan is the preparation of your Will. We recommend that all members have a Will so that their testamentary wishes be honored and your estate be given to the persons you so desire. Without a written Will the law in the State of New York will direct where your estate will go.
    If you would like your Will prepared by this firm. Please fill out the Will questionnaire that has been provided to you in your membership package. If you do not have a Will Questionnaire, you may download one by clicking the following link: will-questionnaire.pdf. Each member who requests a Will must fill out a separate Will questionnaire. Our staff will guide you through the preparation process.
  8. We have found that a great majority of our members’ legal matters are resolved under Benefit 1 with a telephone consultation and a letter or telephone call on behalf of the member. However, there are occasions when further legal assistance is required for the member. We have established a statewide network of attorneys to whom we refer members to assist them with their legal matters under Benefit 5 of the plan at a 25% discounted rate. These referral attorneys will continue to assist the member toward the ultimate resolution of their matter.
  9. For more information on how to use your membership, click on the following link: member-info.pdf

Again, we thank you for becoming a member of LegalShield. When you have a legal problem, please contact us for assistance. We look forward to serving you as members, and believe that you are part of the finest legal protection plan in existence.